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Who else can say they packaged a race car?
  • The ask: A leading automotive manufacturer wanted to showcase their racing technology.

  • Materials: They teamed with Pro-Form to create a custom wood crate for their quarter scale car.

  • How it worked: Our design allowed the car to roll into and out of the crate, be secured, and protected.

  • Outcome: The car traveled from show to show across the U.S. without incurring any damage.

Success Story: Pro-Form Wood Products


Creating a custom carrier for the quarter-scale car is just one example of the vast range of shipping solutions we construct with wood. In our wood products group, we use everything from plywoods and particle boards made using scrap lumber. Plus, all our lumber is responsibly sourced. All of our wood packaging is used and reused multiple times before it ever goes to recycling. We produce no single-use packaging out of wood. Pro-Form solutions are both unique and sustainable.


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