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Thermoforming and 5-Axis Routing

Pro-Form excels at thermoforming; we design and produce a vast range of parts. We have 9 tech-forward thermoforming machines. We can go big if you need it —with the capability to form parts as large as 6’ feet x 109’ feet. We can go thick and thin as required, from .030 to .500 inches. Our materials cover the whole menu: HDPE, LDPE, ABS, HIPS and PP.


Our CNC 5-Axis routing has the capability to route or trim flat or complex geometrical parts, using any non-metallic material including foam, plastic and wood. Our CNC router can handle work with materials up to 6 feet x 10 feet in size.

Pro-Form’s advantages:


  • CAPACITY: Among our tech-forward thermoforming equipment, we offer two-state-of-the-art, large capacity machines — one 6’x10’, the other 5’x9’.

  • TECHNOLOGY: Latest technology thermoforming ovens for greater volume and speed.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Pro-Form can do it all: from flat to complex geometric parts.


Let us solve your toughest problem. We’ll bring the pizza and the beer.

Call 812.522.4433 or email us at

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