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Need to test your transmission under water before shipping? Done.
  • Custom underwater testing: Pro-Form designed an HDPE plastic cover for a new transmission to test underwater. The cover can be attached it to the end of the transmission for dunk testing and pulled off afterwards.

  • Leader in the field: The customer builds transmissions for semis, oil fracking, school buses and automatic transmissions.

  • Results: The transmission arrives completely clean and ready to be installed into a commercial vehicle.

  • Outlook: The design has been so successful, it’s going to be part of the transmission from now on.

Success Story:


Sr. Packaging Manager, on highway transmission manufacturer. When he started the job five years ago, Pro-Form was already doing business with us. As he put it, “The relationship started because I needed a unique packaging solution, so I asked to see their facility. We sat down and I gave them an idea of what I needed. They not only made it a reality, but they gave me an inside look at what great collaboration looks like. Today, I’ll call Pro-Form and describe what I need. I’ll send an image of the part that requires dunnage and they’ll do a prototype. We part-fit it, and after we’ve confirmed it works, they make finished tooling and a sample piece to confirm. Then I place the order. It never fails.”


Sustainability is a huge issue for everyone in business today; particularly packaging, “At the core of our commitment to sustainability is the promise to be a 100% recyclable company. And Pro-Form partners with us on staying true to that promise. We don’t want expendable trash, and Pro-Form provides custom packaging for whatever part or fixture we have. Then we use that dunnage, clean it and send it back to the supplier. Everything is reusable. All the HDPE Pro-Form provides can be put into our scrap load and sent to a regrind center and then it’s sent back to manufactures for recycling. We are part of the circular packaging economy, and Pro-Form is a reliable partner in this critical effort.”


On the question of collaboration and technology, “One of the biggest advantages of Pro-Form is that their customer service is unmatched. Plus, Pro-Form’s pricing is fair and they go out of the way to bring me samples. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. In the area of technology, their equipment is outstanding. They’re making a new piece of equipment for us that takes a larger piece of dunnage, cuts and trims it in one turn. They can do more per hour than anybody else can. In short, they help us be successful.”


Let us solve your toughest problem. We’ll bring the pizza and the beer.

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