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Die-Cutting & Assembly

Pro-Form produces die-cut parts and packaging products from non-metallic materials including foam, felt, rubber, plastic, paper and gaskets. We also design seals and coating masks. Our clients can choose from a large assortment of die cutting equipment that ranges from high-speed computer-controlled presses to large roller presses that are capable of producing die-cut parts as large as 32” x 180” (32 inches by 180 inches).



Assembly services at Pro-Form include “kitting.” Your product packaging items are completely ready to use the second they arrive on your factory floor. “Kitting” product packaging can involve hot-air welding, heat bending, gluing, laminating, riveting, shrink wrapping, and mechanical fastening.

Pro-Form’s advantages:


  • VOLUME: The sheer amount of foam we can die-cut is unmatched.

  • UNMATCHED: There are only 3 die-cutting machines in the world with our capabilities; we own 2 of them. We have the ability to die-cut parts over 200” long.

  • EXCEPTIONAL: Pro-Form offers value-added assembly — efficiency expertise, skilled technical staff, logistics and cost-effective solutions. The volume we handle is second to none.

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