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Breakthrough: First ever fireproof cover for RV Market.
  • Th Ask:   One of Pro-Form’s oldest clients, needed an exterior cover for an RV product.

  • Materials: Pro-Form designed and sourced a fireproof product — the first in the industry .

  • How it worked: Typically, such structures are built with chipboard. Pro-Form’s fireproof solution was an industry-first.

  • Outcome:   Customer gains a competitive edge: they could offer their RV client a custom product unavailable through other suppliers.

Success Story: Pro-Form — a 27-year partnership


A client of Pro-Form for over 25 years, is one of the largest nationwide distributors of packaging products, equipment, and services. The relationship began in 1997 when Andrew Nehrt made a sales call to discuss their custom packaging needs. The two companies discovered they had a lot in common — especially their focus on the customer. A relationship ensued that has continued to this day.


According to VP of Sales , “Every customer wants a solution that is delivered on time and on budget. Where Pro-Form stands out is in their ability to identify a problem and then build a custom solution. It could mean designing a special pallet out of wood, and even creating the manufacturing process to produce it.”


“Everyone talks about being customer-centric. But very few really deliver. Pro-Form is the exception. They listen to what needs to be done and find a way to do it. What you hear from the big guys is ‘get in line.’ Their usual offering tends to be a standardized solution. With the Pro-Form team, it’s a more collaborative relationship. We know if we call and say we need something custom or make changes, they’ll get it done.”


Let us solve your toughest problem. We’ll bring the pizza and the beer.

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