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Die-cutting and assembly
“Pro-Form is consistently willing to go above and beyond to deliver, no matter how out-of-the-ordinary the ask.”

Nationwide Distribution Corporation

For nearly three decades, Pro-Form has been at the cutting-edge of custom packaging for leading manufacturers in a host of industries — from automotive and aerospace to farm equipment, the RV industry and more. We design and engineer for all manner of dunnage to ensure that parts and products are protected throughout the supply chain.

With over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space in two locations and the most tech-forward equipment, we can custom-design, meet speed-to-market deadlines, and shield your product throughout the supply chain.

Die-cutting and assembly
“B2B packaging isn’t thought about a lot, but not having it made correctly can shut down entire manufacturing operations. You can idle hundreds of employees if you run out of packaging or it it’s not the right quality. I have mission-critical requirements, and I can always count on Pro-Form to come through for me.”

Pro-Form Customer

The 7-Way Pro-Form difference:

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1. More precise customization: thanks to an over-riding emphasis on collaboration

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2. Tech-forward know-how: if we don’t have the machine, we’ll build it 

Asset 1 copy.png

3. Intelligent listening: your need is our design

Asset 3 copy_edited_edited.png

4. Innovative problem-solvers: whether it’s die-cutting, thermoforming, wood construction or assembly

Asset 6 copy.png

5. Material neutral: Pro-Form works with foam, wood, thermoforming. We can design and build the correct packaging for your product every time

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6. Faster: there’s no deadline we can’t meet

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7. Sustainability support: Pro-Form’s solutions are 100% returnable, reusable and recyclable


Let us solve your toughest problem. We’ll bring the pizza and the beer.

Call 812.522.4433 or email us at

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