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You thought you knew die-cutting. Think again.
  • Pro-Form offers rare die-cutting capabilities. Our machines run parts up to 32” wide by over 200” long. Or multiple parts that fill up a 32” x 200” platform in a single pass.

  • Only 3 of these machines in the world. Pro-Form owns 2 them.

  • How it works: We used this machine for a large RV supplier moving to the US from Europe.  We produced multiple parts over 150” in length. This is only type of machinery to produce one-piece parts that long.

Success Story: 


 A 75-year leader in the packaging industry with nation-wide reach. According to National Accounts Manager, “I have worked with Pro-Form for over 20 years. They do a lot of kitting, design work and custom packaging solutions using die-cut foams, laminates, wood and corrugated for industrial products. Their wheelhouse is custom packaging solutions.”


When asked what’s special about Pro-Form, he said, “Pro-Form is consistently willing to go above and beyond to deliver, no matter how out-of-the ordinary the ask. For instance,” he added, “I had a situation where one of our largest customers had a big surge in usage and needed product before the standard lead time. I called Andrew Nehrt, President of Pro-Form, who said something I’ll never forget. ‘ If you need us to move heaven and earth to make it happen, we will.’”


“What they accomplished was truly monumental” . “This involved custom packaging for a high-tech customer in the commercial computer market. The project required die-cut foam and corrugated kits. Pro-Form had to purchase a new piece of equipment and bring on added labor. They pulled it off!”


“On the custom side,” he added, “Pro-Form excels. They’ve got reliable people and excellent capabilities plus a diversity of offerings, such as die-cutting, heavy-gauge thermoforming, kitting and assembly and a wealth of materials. For me, the bottom line is how far a partner will go to help us. B2B packaging isn’t thought about a lot,” he said, “but not having it made correctly can shut down entire manufacturing operations. You can idle hundreds of employees if you run out of packaging or it it’s not the right quality. I have mission-critical requirements, and I can always count on Pro-Form to come through for me.”


Let us solve your toughest problem. We’ll bring the pizza and the beer.

Call 812.522.4433 or email us at

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